Buzzie the cat lives in our shop and hangs out with me and Shamus while we go about the business of making picks.  Buzzie was the inspiration for our new Buzz Cats line of picks.  Shamus said it best, “That cat is gorgeous, agile & sleek and can attack ferociously when necessary.  We should put all of his traits in a pick”!  We did it and I know you’ll agree that Buzz Cats are some fantastic picks!

Buzz Cats come 6 to a pack in your choice of Black .78mm, Green .68mm and Orange .60mm.

Buzz Cats are made from our exclusive material called Abusite (abuse resistant) and feature the BC logo with our “etch & ink” process that looks great and enhances grip.

Buzz Cats are destined to become your go-to pick in every application.

John Mick, Pickmaster General