vex 1 2 3 packs

The story of VEX

Incident at the Mick’s research bunker;
It was a brisk evening in March of the past, that Shamus and I were working on some new products when the VEX was born. Shamus mistakenly mixed some of our clear co-polymer with some of the white. Now I’ve told this lad a thousand times “whatever you do, don’t mix white and clear…they don’t go together”!

After the smoke cleared out of the shop there sat a burnt beaker full of some new material never before seen by man. I wondered just what he’d created. Upon further inspection Shamus and I realized it was one tough material suitable for the best guitar picks ever!

Shamus and I quickly set to work on making some picks out of this new wondrous material. When the batch was done Shamus grabbed his bouzouki and played a quick rendition of “Oh Danny Boy”. As he wiped a tear of joy he looked over to me and said “Mick, these are the most impressive picks I’ve ever played in my life”.

We named the new polymer Abusite (abuse resistant) and as for the pick name, well, as the smoke whirled around in the bunker on that fateful night I hollered (as I often do) at Shamus, “God save us man! Quit vexing me with all your fooling about”!

VEX are available in three thicknesses’
0.75mm – Violet
1.0mm – Olive
1.5mm – Alabaster