emerald and 394 polish

Emerald Isle Instrument Polish & Cleaner;

Think the world could get by without another polish & cleaner product? Try Emerald Isle Instrument Polish & Cleaner and you’ll see why we invented it! We blend the finest ingredients available to give you a quick mirror finish on glossy finishes and a smooth clean appearance on matt finishes. We package this wonderful polish in an eye-catching 4 oz. bottle that sports a picture of the famous flying Mick device upon it. A super premium spray head for a fine mist application is included. Safe for all finishes; use it on GUITARS, DRUMS, AMP TOLEX, WINDOWS, DRUMMERS, DISCO SHOES, PET ROCKS ETC.
Anti-Static formula.

Formula #394 Fretboard Conditioner;
After weeks of trial and error in the mixing room at the Mick’s research bunker Shamus and Mick hit upon the perfect blend of exotic oils and carnuba wax to make Formula 394. The 39th recipe was the winner and it contains 4 main ingredients so ..#394! Clever folks we are.

Packaged in a 2 oz bottle and easy to use you’ll love the silky non-oily finish the product produces. Use Formula 394 on unfinished wood fretboards & saddle pieces.
Remember to shake shake shake to mix well and use sparingly.

Mick’s Polish and Formula 394 are available in a bundle package with a cotton polish cloth.

“Last summer I was working an outdoor festival in Dublin and had polished my mandolin with Emerald Isle polish, flies was breaking their legs trying to land on it they were”!
Shamus McGuiness