Pie Hat cymbal washers are made from our exclusive Flextex material and are thinner and much more stable than traditional felt washers that have been the standard for 60+ years.  Pie Hats will not compress and lose their shape under tension.  This means you can really tighten down if you want to eliminate cymbal “wave”.  If you like your cymbals “loose” the friction from movement will not abrade Pie Hats like it will other washers.   At 60mm thick, you can customize your set up by stacking Pie Hats for the perfect fit. The Flextex material is superior at isolating the cymbal from the stand for better resonance and natural sound. Available in standard diameter for crash & ride cymbals with 4 to a package or the Hi-Hat set featuring 1 large seat washer and 4 mini clutch washers.

“If you look inside a piano you’ll see lots of felt.  It’s there to dampen sound, not enhance it”!  Mick


felt is best for making hats // closed cell foam rubber is best for making pillows //  FLEXTEX is THE BEST material for making cymbal washers!