SPINK bass guitar picks are made from our exclusive Toneflex polymer.  Spink is 3.0mm thick, very flexible and durable for great playability on bass and other instruments. Autoharp and ukulele players love the SPINK too.  Session players have discovered that SPINK will eliminate the percussive clicking common with standard picks.  You won’t need to spend time adjusting the EQ on your bass tracks just to remove unwanted clicking sounds!  Try Mick’s SPINK on acoustic guitar for a mellow sound and save wear and tear on you fingers.

Spink is named after a small Irish town fabled to be home to the chubbiest leprechaun in all of the Emerald Isle! Our SPINK is equally as impressive in it’s girth.


“What can we say – this Mick fellow is a real mensch! We all use Mick’s products – Shecky and Mel use ORIN guitar picks, Treyf uses the SPINK bass picks, Stu uses PIE HAT cymbal washers, and Karen even keeps an ORIN pick handy to unstick jammed keys on her old Vox Continental!  Being that we get a little shvitzy at shows, we maintain our gear with Mick’s Polish and Fretboard Conditioner.  You’d be meshuggeneh (crazy) not to love the great products from Mick’s Picks!

“Meshugga” Mel Waldorf   Meshugga Beach Party – The World’s Premier Jewish Surf Music Band